Spring Furniture Fever

I've been watching a marathon two-days worth of HGTV this weekend. This has so far resulted in our living room being rearranged and me deciding that our combination of Salvation Army meets dorm furniture meets handmedowns needs some sprucing up. I know why we haven't done anything with our house, it's because we've always had a temporary situation. We don't want to buy nice furniture if we're going to have to move it. As it is, if we moved out of state we'd probably just garage sale everything we own furniture wise. At least we're not using metal cubes as shelves anymore. But mommy-in-law's floral sofa with the corners scrapped off by her cat needs to go.

*sigh* I want my own house to make our own. In the meantime I think it's finally time to hang some things on the wall. I'm still deciding what to do with our combination of wood-paneling and orange peel texture walls and popcorn and tile ceilings. It is annoying that 9 different shades of wood going on with the furniture in the living room alone. Where to start, WHERE!? We're probably at the tipping point between being able to garage sale the furniture and still have few enough things to have a do-it-ourselves move using a UHAUL and having so much stuff that we want to hang onto that we need movers. If we're already over that tipping point I don't see a problem with going ahead and getting a few comfy and modern pieces of furniture, starting with replacing this pink and blue floral sofa and maybe getting a comfy reading chair. Now if only I wasn't in Alaska. Catalog shopping Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel is tough. The shipping costs are insane. If only we had an IKEA or a Target this would be so much cheaper and easier.