Angel Rocks

For many reasons I went hiking this weekend. The 1st was my promise to hubby to try and become more outdoorsy. To this end he first had me do an outdoors activity where I was sitting down the whole time, so we went canoeing on Earth Day. (photos forthcoming) Now we are are working up the outdoorsy scale by doing a day-hike. The 3.5 mile Angel Rocks hiking path is pretty challenging as it mostly a climb and then a scramble down. I was really wishing that I had hiking boots by the end. On the way down I was really paranoid that I would turn an ankle. But 2 hrs later I was really happy with having spent the time outdoors. The view was great and a light breeze kept the mosquitoes off. The picture to the right is a beaver dam that we passed on the way. The 461 calories burned was just a bonus.

We still need to play around with settings on our new digital camera. The color saturation is off on these photos. The actual view was far greener. Instead these photos look a little washed out. Trust me, the actual view was much better.