Couch to 5k Running Plan (2)

Week two has rolled around and while I can't say that I've noticed any changes I'm definitely more confident that I will be able to run 5k by the end of the two month programs. I am really sore right now as a result of all of the gardening and mowing that I did this weekend. Thankfully when I looked it up on my conversion table I found out that my 5 hours of yard work translates to 5 aerobic miles, so it's kind of like I went running this weekend except for my arms and shoulders are the things doing the hurting. I also am kind of proud of myself for biking to work last Friday for the first time. I would have done so again today, but um...I woke up 6 minutes before I had to be at work, not a good thing. Tonight I'll be doing the prescribed 5 minute brisk walk to warm up followed by 15 minutes of alternating 90s of running and 120s of walking, wish me luck.

For those of you still sitting in your cube cabanas day after day and then flopping on your sofas at night I would encourage you to find something fun to do outdoors, then it won't feel like exercise! Bike, fish, hike, shop at your local farmer's market for fresh produce. Your body will thank you for it.

So, http://paragontopieces.blogspot.com/ are you still my running buddy?