Female Penguins Don't Have Hips!

We watched Happy Feet last night. I confess to being completely oblivious of the plot of this movie prior to watching it. I assumed from the previews that it was a movie about a tone deaf penguin who gets his groove on by tap dancing instead. In essence I guess, that's still the plot of the movie. There are also several other subplots that are for more mature audiences, one of which was the theme of preserving our oceans so that cute little penguins and others can survive. The movie ended happily with the aliens/humans in the film realizing the error of their ways and banning the fishing which was causing the penguins to starve. Didn't really give me the vibe that I needed to run out and do something to help the penguins though as the movie ended quite happily for them. One of the things that did bother me in the movie was the way that they animated the penguins. They gave the females hips! An hourglass figure on a penguin? And of course the big daddy penguin had a big chest. Still, all in all the movie had both me and hubby laughing out loud at parts which is always a good thing. The penguin hips still bother me though.