As I posted previously, Law Geek while quite descriptive was not a unique name for this blog. So, thanks to Josephine Blogs I was inspired to rename my blog Ostranenie (Остранение). It is a Russian term which I had all but forgotten that describes literature or ideas which take a familiar concept and make it seem less familiar or strange. Another way of thinking about it is that Ostranenie is the temporary estrangement of objects and relationships in order to make them freshly visible. This to me describes my feelings towards law school and this stage of my life in particular. I still am a law geek, but to be fair I am not the first or the only "Law Geek" blogger. So in my attempt to be more unique I am changing my bloggy name. I still remain Lise as that is after all my own name. I won't be changing the bloggy address, because I now have 6 wonderful people who have linked to me from their blogs and I wouldn't want to break their links. Thanks to: Paragon to Pieces, Running with Scissors, TechChris, Legal Andrew, David @ Journey to Law School and Mary Tu.