Queen Elizabeth Goes Carbon Neutral

I find it ironic that this visit is Queen Elizabeth's first carbon-offset state visit and she's here to visit the Texas oil man Bush. Carbon neutral or carbon-offset travel, where a donation is made to an environmental charity to offset a plane journey's impact is gaining popularity. Some popular travel websites allow you to by carbon credits as an add-on feature, kind of like travel insurance. Only you're insuring the quality of the environment rather than your luggage.

Total air miles - 13,317 km or 8,275 miles Amount of CO2 emitted based on scheduled flights - 1. 5 tonnes Estimated offset cost per person - £13.20 to £14.18 ($26.22-$28.17) depending on type of offset package.

Go QE2! I'll join you in decreasing my impact by biking to work...um...when it's a little warmer. I promise! Ok, now I feel guilt.