Addicted to School

I graduated on Mother's Day. Yay me! I'll have to post a photo or something. I walked and was the first female of the day to walk across that stage. I was also the only girl to graduate with a Electrical Engineering degree in the 007 class. So why oh why am I signed up for 5 summer sessions courses? I am addicted to school. I also want to get a taste for this law thing before I commit 100%. I've also convinced myself that A) I must be busy so as to avoid thinking about hubby off doing dangerous Army stuff and B) So that I don't get lazy and forget what it's like to be in "school mode" before I actually finally finish with school. To this end I am taking:

Ethics & Justice
Mass Media Law and Regulation
Taste Magic of the Middle East
Back Home German Cooking
Old World Italian

Hopefully by the end of the summer I will be able to cook more interesting foods and possibly find that the law is as exciting as I hoped. Other choices which I passed on include:

Real Estate Law
Introduction to Linguistics
Alfred Hitchcock Films
Russian & Soviet Cinema
The Best of Biscotti
and other tasty treats

Thankfully I get free tuition so my summer time of academic pursuits will only cost me fees of $200.00. Can't beat that.