June LSAT Registration Deadline

Alert all of those planning on taking the June LSAT. Today is the last day of regular registration. Starting tonight at midnight EST you'll have to pay an additional $62.00 for your procrastination. So, am I signing up? No. This may come as a surprise to some as I've talked about it for some time. Hubby has Army duty for all of June so I don't want to spend our last weeks together before he is activated cramming for the LSAT, better to wait and do it in Aug. I'll still do my applications early decision. And you'll get to hear my detailed study woes. Yay!

Instead I think I should really get my act in gear and figure out how I want to study for the patent bar. Online prep or at home being my only options as classroom courses are rarely if ever taught in Alaska. Any suggestions?

I must also come up with something to do with our one remaining weekend together. This weekend I graduate...finally! Family is coming into town to watch and visit which will take up the whole weekend. Next weekend is free and then boom, he's gone off to be a Lieutenant for awhile. He'll come back skin-and-bones with not an ounce of fat on him and with a very peculiarly shaped tan on his neck and hands, the only parts not covered by his ACU uniform. The joys of being an Army wife. I'm trying to stay positive about this, but I really hate it.