DC Trip Day 2 - Law School Visits

George Mason University Visit

- Lot’s of active student groups
- In-state tuition after the 1st year, significantly cheaper than GWU or GULC
- Well respected for its IP program
- 100% placement of IP graduates in job market upon graduation last year

- Expensive area to live
- Not the best part of town
- Not "really" in DC, although it's close
- Competition from GWU and GULC graduates in the local market as both are higher ranked and produce a large number of graduates
- Not he best looking building
- Students were not approachable
- Staff "forgot" I was coming and hastily ran me through the building rather than taking the time to really show me around

George Washington University Visit
This school isn’t the best looking law school out there, but it definitely has atmosphere. I lived here for the summer of 2005 and know that going to school in downtown DC has advantages and disadvantages. It's close to everything, public transportation, beautiful environment, shopping, etc. But, I probably couldn't afford to live anywhere near school so I would be commuting anyway. I also probably wouldn't have too much time to take in all this atmosphere so I should probably be admiring the school on its merits alone and not on what's outside its four walls.

- A lot of options for combined JD and Masters programs
- Great local reputation
- Beautiful campus near Georgetown, the White House, downtown DC with great public transportation

- I’ve already been rejected there.
- Stressed out students
- Just as expensive as Georgetown and with no LRAP program

Georgetown University Law Center

The library is circular with a hollow center and curved staircases mounting each flight. I looked down from my beautiful top story view and noticed my glasses were a little smudged. When I took out my glasses cloth to clean them I noticed the word “Hoya” repeated on the cloth over and over. Hmm…coincidence? Or, was I destined to be a Hoya.

I met a couple people who are trying to decide whether Georgetown is for them and are coming to visit, tomorrow being the day seat deposits are due here. I couldn’t imagine applying to a school if I hadn’t even visited the city before. One guy from Florida was deciding between Northwestern and GT. I would vote for GT for many reasons. Those who go to Northwestern seem to have an inferiority complex because of University of Chicago. Also, in DC you’d be coming from the top ranked local school rather than the underdog. The weather is also better and with all of the government entities and public policy organizations and firms there are a lot of summer jobs. The other gal that I met was deciding between GT and UCLA. I’d say GT there too. I don’t like LA, that city is too crowded and doesn’t have the vibe that DC does. During the summers here there is a lot going on. I’ll probably be too busy to do much during school, but during the summer associate time, I’ll be able to enjoy my usual DC hobbies of cultural smorgasbord indulgence.

- Secure Campus
- Students know how to relax – they managed to talk about non-law school things during finals and appeared to be collegial in the student café and on the grassy commons.

- Large enrollment means I won’t get to know too many people outside of my section
- I’ve already been rejected there
- Very VERY expensive. To me 150k is like a house. A friend of mine tried to make me feel better by saying, “Well, in DC that’s actually half of a house.” Still not feeling better.