John McCain Visits Google

Sounds a little hip for a politician, but John McCain visited the headquarters of Google in Mountain View, California on Friday. I really have heard way more about what the Democratic candidates have been up to recently with all of the big names running. In the Republican race it seems to be Giuliani and McCain and honestly I can't remember any of the other 10+ candidates. There are at least three big names running for the Dems (Clinton, Edwards, Obama, maybe Gore). I wonder if that will help the Republicans, once they pick their front-runner in the primaries they won't have a bunch of disenfranchised voters unhappy that their particular candidate didn't win. Anyway, back to Google. You all know how much I love Google. So any candidate that makes it a point to visit Google gets cool points in my book. CEO Eric Schmidt gave him a tour of the facility before they took part in a town hall meeting with Google employees. While visiting, Senator McCain sat down with Steve Grove of CitizenTube, YouTube's Political Vlog, for an interview about the campaign, politics, and YouTube's influence on the process. Click here to watch the interview.