Russian Ambassador held hostage in Costa Rica

For any of you out there who like to keep up with all things related to Russia:
Захват заложников в посольстве России в Коста-Рике
Вооруженный человек захватил, по разным сообщениям, восемь или девять человек в здании российского посольства в Коста-Рике.

Ambassador, others held hostage in Costa Rica
An armed Uzbek man took eight hostages Friday at the Russian Embassy in Costa Rica, but released four hostages amid intense negotiations, the country's security minister said. He still holds the Russian ambassador and several others, including his mother hostage.

For those of you who couldn't care about minor news events that involve Russia or Costa Rica, keep in mind that Russia is seeking membership to the WTO this year. Russia signed a trade agreement with Costa Rica in January, one of series of bilateral deals it had to conclude on its path to membership in the World Trade Organization. Russia is now the only major economy outside the WTO. Currently they only have to reach agreement with their ex-Soviet neighbor Georgia and Moldova to meet requirements for membership in the 150-member group, which sets global trade rules. Any member can demand a bilateral deal with an applicant. Georgia withdrew its signature from an earlier deal after Russia imposed a ban on its wine and mineral water last spring. Relations between Moscow and Georgia worsened in the fall as Moscow slapped a sweeping transport and postal blockade on the country in retaliation for the brief arrest of four Russian officers in Tbilisi accused of spying. Unfortunately Russia can't afford to lose Costa Rica's support and still hope to join the WTO this year so they might have to be a little less heavy handed when dealing with the current matter.

UPDATE: Two men walked out of the Russian Embassy in Costa Rica on Friday under police escort, ending a three-hour standoff with police and the ambassador.

So, no dramatic Russian response will happen after-all.