Digital Paperbacks

Combine an E Ink display and innovative design and what do you get? "Plastic Logic's 'take anyway, read anywhere' flexible display for text and images is intended as a lightweight alternative to paper and to current laptop, phone and PDA screens. The company, which attracted $100 million in a new round of venture capital funding, has developed displays designed to allow users a more comfortable way to view printed material. Plastic Logic plans to begin construction of manufacturing facilities as soon as possible, and plans to release its first products in 2009."

I am really looking forward to the day when I can browse through 1500 hundred page PDF documents, CTRL+F them, and still view them in broad daylight on a flexible reader. Forget roll-up laptop screens, I want this baby as a document reader. 2009 couldn't come soon enough.

Thanks to Popgadget for the heads up.
Credit: Plastic Logic