LSAT Tips (1)

To contribute back to the Internets I've decided to begin posting my LSAT tips given to me by friends, family and random bloggers and websites. All of the Pre-L's out there studying for the June and October LSATs, here ya go, part 1:

Tip #1: Be realistic with your expectations. Yes, it is possible to get a 180 on the LSAT. But studying constantly isn't a guarantee that this will happen. There is a reason that this score is called the 99.9%, only a few people score this high. It isn't because thousands of stupid people take the test and the smart ones get 180s. There are plenty of smart people who study and don't get above the 160s.

This isn't to say you shouldn't study. This leads me to Tip #2: Study I took my LSAT in December 2006 having studied maybe 3 days when you add up all of the time that I glanced at my prep books over the fall semester. I also made the fatal error of not taking a fully-timed "real" simulated LSAT. I just leisurely worked questions at my own pace. I ended up with a decent 150, which puts me in the 82%, but that isn't going to get any scholarships or make up for a less than stellar GPA.

Tip #3: Don't Study Too Much. This isn't to contradict Tip#2, but it is possible to study too much. Don't drag out your studying over many months. Within the last month before the actual test concentrate. A lot of websites and books quote the 50 hr. figure. It takes about 50 hours of quality preparation to study for this test. You need to understand the question types, develop strategies and feel prepared enough to not stress out when it comes time for the real test. Work on your timing and questions types separately, not at once. I would work on the questions types first, then your speed. This is not a proven strategy as I have yet to retake the LSAT, but I can vouch for the not dragging out your studying too long tip.

More later, but that's a start. I'll have to get some others to contribute to this thread at some point. Hint hint...