PersonalDNA Test

At work I have a new boss. She is not an engineer and doesn't know much about engineering. She was appointed as a temporary boss because she has the appropriate level of procurement authority. However, she is trying, very hard to deal with 60 engineers and Cad designers. She brought in an external communications consultant to interview our customers, fellow workers, other deparments, and us and evaluate how we do customer service, how we work, and where we could improve. She also had us all take the Strengths Finder test so we can learn more about each other and work better together. The sensing session with the consultant turned into a gripe session, but it might have brought up some good points for us to work on. As the new person, I pretty much kept my mouth shut and watched.Since the Strengths Finder test costs like $20.00 and is copyrighted I can't share my results here. I'll add my strengths to the blog once I bring the sheet home from work, but the dialogue of explanations is copyright. I kind of looked at the list of strengths and figured out what I thought I was before I took the test, and I was really surprised when I got my results. I took the PersonalDNA test today to confirm. Apparently I care what others think about me and think about the future a lot, more so than I thought. I wonder if my results will change after I get my plans for the next year settled. Currently law school, employment, housing and moving have taken up a lot of my time and thoughts. Here are the results from the PersonalDNA test. Their test is kind of fun and has some interesting insights at the end. They give you this cool graphic to put on your blog as a summary.

My Personal Dna Report