Arizona State University Law School

ASU Law Library
Beautiful new library with lots of natural sunlight. The law school itself is circular in shape and quite nice. The classrooms are around the edge of the bottom circle. Downstairs are student lockers and upstairs are faculty offices. The main floor also has several study lounges and a student cafe. The lawbrary is in a seperate building (pictured above) and has won several design awards. The natural sunlight is a big bonus. There are also Lexis/West-Law classrooms in the lawbrary.
ASU Law Library

The one downside was that the student ambassador who was supposed to meet us didn't and so we had a secretary giving us a tour. She worked in the admissions office but didn't know that much. I asked her several specific questions including, "What is the curve?" "Is the legal writing and research class graded as part of the GPA?" "What is the process for selecting electives?" and she couldn't answer any of them. I'll have to get in touch with a local student to try and get some represenatives.

A plus was of course the fact that is was 85F when we visited which was just gorgeous. Not too hot, and a big bonus over Fairbanks which was -30F when we left. Over 100 degree difference...wonderful! Hubby thinks that its a little warm and that the 100+ degrees in the summer won't be bearable. I'm hoping the relatives with the ski boat will help to change his mind.
Phoenix is also a pretty great city. The summers are rough, but I'll probably be in some air conditioned law office during the worst part of the heat. There is also plenty to do. We have relatives in the area so hubby will have people to hang out with while I have my nose stuck in a book. There are lakes nearby for water skiing. If snow skiing is your thing that is also a short distance away. Culturally Phoenix also has all of the benefits of being the 5th biggest city in the US. We went to an Eric Clapton concert and the Phoenix botanical garden while there.
Pros for ASU:
  • Law Science and Technology Program - awesome for IP folks, offers IP certificates, technology ventures clinic, pro bono program
  • Good job placement in AZ - peer career services with most CA schools so that those getting CA jobs after school can receive support
  • Part of a nice campus, close by housing, vibrant city, biking/bus commute possible so 2nd car purcahse won't be manditory
  • Near relatives
  • Great school time climate

Cons for ASU:

  • 100+ degree summer weather
  • No trees
  • Job placement outside of Arizona is less strong
  • Admissions tour not very helpful
  • No scholarship money...yet