Blogging Anonymously

My old hotmail address from back in high school is right in the URL to this blog. Anybody who even remotely knows me and is trying can find this blog. I have no real need for personal anonymity so the fact that I haven't put up my real name on this blog is mostly an indication that I don't want people looking me up in the phone-book rather than an actual attempt at anonymity.

As far as law school anonymity goes, I used to use acronyms like T2-D to indicate DePaul university, etc. I have gone back and changed these. This blog will not be anonymous in my choice of school and where I have gotten in/been rejected until later...maybe. I am considering referring to whatever school I go to eventually as The School, but that decision can wait. In the meantime you may all know that I have been accepted to Gonzaga, Temple, and DePaul and that I have been rejected/crushed by George Washington, American, and University of Washington. I still have 10 apps out. So, I am in at least at 2 T2 schools and one T3. Unfortunately I don't think that I can go to either of the T2s. Hubby flat out vetoed Chicago short of a Northwestern miracle acceptance (another fee waiver app) and Philadelphia is very far East for us. It's a shame as DePaul has a really cool IP program. I'm going to try and schedule a Chicago trip for us and see whether that changes anything.

DC is fine, I have interned there for two summers and we know the area and have relatives there. I'm very hesitant about Philadelphia. Ironic huh, I was born in Washington, PA. Despite the fact that I only lived there for 18 months, it would be sort of like coming home. We'll see. Right now, Spokane is looking very nice culturally. Keep in mind I am coming from Alaska. There is a reason I didn't apply to any CA schools. Too many people! Our big law school visit trip spanning Arizona, Washington, and Boston is coming up so look for pictures and comments about what a few schools are like up close and personal or as I like to say, beyond the viewbook.