I am the weakest link: the culture of science in Russia

This roughly translates to: "There isn't one weak link in work!" Well in my case, sleep is my paperclip. I can put as much work in as I want, but if the time I spend working on school turns into me beating my head against the wall because I'm so tired, that isn't going to get my Latin lessons done or my thesis written.

Speaking of which, if any native Russian speakers want to comment on the culture of science in Russia, I would be most grateful. I am using primarily English language sources for speed sake, but my professor likes to see quotes in Russian not English.

My paper is seeking to outline the history of science in Russia and then show how this has over time created the culture in which scientists and engineers work today. Part of the reason I am interested in this is because of a congressional hearing I went to in 2005. I was sitting in on a session on how American organizations are trying to partner with Russians who are doing research. Their main complaint is that some of the most talented researchers are struggling to get funding for their projects because the whole peer reviewed grant system is strange to them. This makes sense when you look back at the history of the situation and you realize that for many many years, scientists have had government directives over what they should research. Putting together grant applications seems new and quite entrepreneurial to those who are used to a more authoritarian system. With the decline of the Academy and national funding, it is imperative that Russians adapt to the peer review system to be internationally competitive. Now if only I can express this, using appropriate quotations, in 30 pages of pure Russian, written at a level that is understandable to a native speaker. Wish me luck, I have 6 pages so far and it's due at the end of April.