Accepted University of Arizona Law

I got a deceptively small envelope from UofA today. Fully expecting another rejection, I ripped it open. It was thicker than usual, but not enough to give me suspicion that it was actually...AN ACCEPTANCE! Very surprised! I got into a Tier-1 school! Woohoo, self-worth is coming back. Hubby is decidedly not happy. Neither of us liked Tucson very much when we visited and the law school will be in an apartment complex for my 1L year. But, it is a Tier-1. Does that make up for it? Hubby wants to know why I put so much emphasis on school rank and I really don't have a good answer. Any thoughts? I am really going to have to do some soul searching on this one. Will they take me again next year if I turn them down this year? Will I be happy there? Could I transfer after a year? Hmm...looking at this post again, I probably am putting too much emphasis on rank if my self-worth is defined by which law schools accept me.