June LSAT Books

I am now armed and ready for intensive LSAT preperation. I have:
  • Logic Games Bible

  • Logic Reasoning Bible

  • 10 Actual Tests (7-18)

  • 10 More Actual Tests (19-28)

  • The Next 10 Tests (29-38)

  • The Official LSAT PrepTests 39-44

  • The LSAT Explained...The Official LSAT PrepTest With Explanations Volume One

  • LSAT The Official TriplePrep Plus w/Explanations

  • LSAT TestPrep 5th Edition Classroom Test (from on-campus course that a friend took)

  • The Princeton Review Cracking the LSAT 2004 Edition

Now, where to start? I guess taking one diagnostic test should be good. Will also be a good motivation to get my studying in gear. Now I have Intro to Justice, Latin, Thesis, and LSAT. Should be a fun couple of months till June.

Now, all I need is to find a PDF version of the answer bubble sheet so that I can completely simulate real test taking conditions. (Found. Available on LSAC website for free.) Oh yeah, I guess I'll need an annoying proctor to tap their pencil against the table for 6 hours too, then it would be JUST like the December test.

I love Ebay, it is a good source of cheap LSAT prep materials. But what I really need are tests 45-50, the most recent 5. I don't know if I can justify another $8.00 per test getting them from LSAC. Let me know if you aren't using yours anymore and we'll make a deal.