Anonymous no Longer

It happened. Somebody who knows me in real life (other than hubby) has associated me with my blog. Welcome Arctic, I will refrain from telling any personal anecdotes about you from Advanced Pistol Marksmanship class. There are better people to pick on, like that one older guy, native or Chinese, black hair either way. He scares me. I had the lane next to his last night and literally thought that he was going to shoot me at a couple points. He waves his gun around and looks down the barrel whenever it has problems. One of these days he's going to shoot himself or somebody else. In future I must remember to be to his right. I did get my revenge last night when one of my casings made its way down his shirt. Despite the terror of having him wave his fully loaded gun around while trying to get the casing out of his shirt I felt a small amount of satisfaction in payback for my own two scars. Some girls have butterfly tattoos there, I have interesting scars from pistol class. Must wear belt and long shirt to pistol class.