Cheers from Boston

When we arrived in Boston it was raining with wind blowing right through us. The shuttle driver said that it was 70F the day before we got here. Right now it is snowing and supposed to continue throughout the night. 10-12 inches, yay I'm somewhere where it is warm enough to snow. Not very impressed with the weather, but hey it's Boston. The city has lots of old pretty buildings so that's cool.

By the time I got here for my conference a couple of friends had already arrived. Two Germans, a Croatian, two Alaskans and a Bostonian for dinner. One request for cow and one vegetarian. So where did we go? Cheers. Wasn't too impressed as the place was mostly a touristy burger and beer joint. It was also freezing as the restaurant inexplicably had the AC turned on when it was 45F outside. Afterwards we warmed up at a local French cafe with coffee and pastries. Yum. Of course the Europeans complained about the coffee, but hey, at least it wasn't Folgers.

Now I have three days worth of committee meetings. Yay! A little break from Pre-L obsession. It will also be nice to be in the same time-zone for three days altogether after all of the travelling we've been doing.