Ice Park (2), Movie Reviews

We didn't make it to the ice park until yesterday. This is typical for me who does everything at the last minute. (The park closes this weekend.) The weather was perfect for it, around 25 above and not too windy. Unfortunately I was still wearing business shoes from work. If I had been in my nice warm boots I would have probably been cuter and warmer. As it was, we had to stop halfway through and go to the snack-shack to warm up my poor frozen toes. My hubby, boyscout that he is, is always prepared. He enjoyed the park a little more. I even have video of him using the kiddy slides, which are made totally out of ice. Unfortunately I took them with the camera oriented portrait-wise instead of landscape-wise, so he appears to be sliding horizontally. Any idea how to rotate a video?

It was unfortunate that we waited until so late in the season to go. Several of the sculptures had warmed up to the point where they lost structural integrity and broke apart and several of the finer more delicate pieces were not as good. However, instead of going in -40F weather, I went at a balmy 25F, it was worth the difference in comfort level. I still think that the exhibit is overpriced at $8.00, but we still enjoyed ourselves and you can see from the pictures how beautiful some of the sculptures were.

Overall it was a great date night. Ice Park, fancy dinner on the frozen waterfront, and a dvd (Holiday). The movie turned out to be surprisingly good. It surprised me in a way like Love Actually did. It was a romantic movie, but not overly cheesy. Two women who are both dissatisfied with their love lives switch houses over Christmas for two weeks and find life, love, and a part of themselves again. Good movie for when you want to believe in the good in life while snuggled up with hot tea or cocoa. It was a little unbelievable that everything happened over the course of two-weeks, but hey I got my romantic movie and hubby didn't complain once. I still think he preferred Stranger Than Fiction, our choice from earlier this week. I think we were both prepared to hate that movie, considering it has Will Farrell in it, but it pleasantly surprised us and turned out to be a great movie. This movie was well written and funny and despite its implausible nature, we enjoyed suspending belief and thinking that this IRS agent who was breaking out of his logical cocoon and beginning to enjoy life was actually a character whose life was in the hands of a novelist desperately trying to kill him off. Still, they couldn't resist putting ugly naked men in the movie so it was a Will Farrell movie after all, eck.