Last Day of Spring Break Trip

Great Boston Weather

The last day in Boston involved meeting a friend for lunch in Chinatown and then getting off to the airport. Sounds simple, right? Well we didn't want to haul our bags around Chinatown so we decided to go to the airport at noon (flight was at 6pm) and check the bags early. Apparently the Alaska Airlines counter in boston wasn't opening until 2:30, so we had to bring the bags back to the hotel to leave with the bell-hop. I was really glad that I'm a Gold MVP with Alaska though. I looked at the 4 hour US Airways line and counted my lucky stars that I now get to skip lines at security and check-in. The whole bags fiasco took up an hour, but the food made up for it. My husband picked the place pretty much at random. I have no idea what it was called and could probably never find it again, but the food was good and VERY cheap. Like $5.99 for a turkey dinner sized platter with a pot of rice and and a pot of tea. The other strange thing was that since it was the Sunday of Saint Patty's day weekend, we were almost the only non-Chinese people there. Everyone else was celebrating elsewhere in town or at the parade.

5 lb. Lobster Appetizer

The night before we went to dinner as a group (all 45 of us) at Legal Seafoods. This chain restaurant was actually pretty good. As an appetizer they offered us a 9 lb lobster. Do you know how old that thing was and how long it survived before it got to that size? We just couldn't bear killing him, so the guys ordered the 5 lb lobster as an appetizer along with an assortment of crab cakes, coconut shrimp, and clam chowder all around. I had lobster ravioli for dinner which was quite unusual and delicious while hubby got Alaskan King Crab and filet mignon surf and turf, very typical for him. The best part was we weren't paying. No, not really, the best part was meeting with all of my friends that I've worked with as a volunteer over the years. God bless Skype, it's the only way I can afford to talk to my friends who hail from Croatia, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and many MANY places around the world. Having these bi-annual meetings is really a chance to get a lot of good work done and enjoy the satisfaction of good friends, good food and new places. If only the weather in Boston had been better. They got 15 inches of snow this year, 9 of them while I was there!

USS Constitution Covered in Snow