Montien Thai Restaurant & Finale Dessert Mecca - Boston

Last night after a day of cabitzing around a conference table we headed downtown. The blizzard that has prevented all flights from arriving/departing the Boston airport also cleared most of the traffic from downtown so we were able to walk through the drifts in relative peace. After exciting the T we were only passed by the occasional snow plow or taxi. The tourist walking map that we had was less than useful, but the GPS we were using also proved difficult. The signals bounced off of the tall buildings and made us look like we were bouncing around in circles when we were standing still. We finally found a local who was out snow-plowing the sidewalk and got directions to our restaurant.
Dinner was 4 star thai food at Montien Thai Restaurant. They have a Thai menu and and American Thai restaurant which is nice. The food had huge portions and was yummy. The restaurant is in the theater district so seating a party of 20 required waiting until 8pm, but it was well worth the time. The restaurant also attracts a lot pre theater goers and college students so I would recommend coming later rather than earlier. The only downside to going to a distinctly ethnic restaurant is the dessert. There was of course no chocolate. Anybody who knows me knows that I am an absolute chocoholic. This required a trek through the slush over to Finale the dessert mecca of Boston.

My Dessert

Hubby's Choice, too fruity for me

Oh my God, I can now die happy. Chocolate Decadence, Boston Cream Pie, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Molten Cake, Mousse, yum. The benefits of eating out with a bunch of people, you can snitch from everybody. Side note, dessert cost more than dinner. The Thai food was cheap with huge portions, we each spent like $20.00 on dessert.

I did end the night by getting soaked in a puddle, but at least I brought my flipflops to wear from the Arizona portion of the trip. I'll be fine. Although, I'll need to lose about 5 lbs from all of that dessert.