The Plan

Plan A) Get into great school this year on a hope and prayer.

If plan A fails, proceed to plan B.

Plan B) courtesy of the nice folks at Princeton Review

Jan - take practice LSAT (well, I took the real thing in Dec., so that should count as a good diagnostic)

Feb - start prep (slowly, but yes, will begin again, at least I now have copies of like the last 30 LSATs)

Mar - LSAT Registration Booklet, good sample questions and info on new comparative reading section to be included

Apr - Register for LSAT (assuming failure of plan A at this point)

May - Continue LSAT preperations, taking regular full length TIMED exams - this was my failure last time, I could get the questions right given infinite time. I hate timed tests.

June - take LSAT. New comparitive reading section to throw off all competitors, leaving me with perfect 180 scaled score.

July - Register for LSDAS (did that this year, good for five years, CHECK)

Aug - Get apps from schools. Sounds silly given that most are sent electronically from LSDAS anyway. But, let me tell you this from this year. If you ask for a brochure they often give you the little golden ticket of law school brochures, a FEE WAIVER! Trust me, I got one from Northwestern and it certainly wasn't based on my LSAT score, because I hadn't taken it yet. Brochures are also helpful when doing your personal statements.

Sep - Write personal statements, Update resume, Register for Oct LSAT if necessary (pray it is not necessary)

Oct - Send early decision applications.

Nov - Send remaining applications. (Hopefully having received tons of fee waivers after excellent LSAT performance, this will be a less pricey prospect.)

Dec - Sit back and relax. Reflect on the fact that I have not really lost a year as much as I have gained a year of employment and thus work experience for resume, good soft factors, and extra money in savings account to offset evil law school costs. I wonder if brains are insurable? Mine will be worth 150k after all of this is said and done, and that's not even counting undergraduate.