I logged into the admitted students chat room for T3-G school last night. I didn't really have any questions that I needed answered coming into the chat, but ended up finding it quite interesting. At one point the moderator was asked about weather. She said that it had been really cold lately. Being from Alaska I asked her what cold meant there. She said, "Oh really chilly, like 20F." To which I responded, "Wow, that would be nice. It's currently -42F here, that's like 60 degrees difference." I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

I did get other questions answered. Where do people usually live? How successful are students at getting judicial clerkships? Why does your school have two years of LW&R and does that figure into GPA? What is your school's grading curve? (B-, ouch)

The admissions lady and I ultimately ended up being the only ones in the chat room at the end. She found out I was coming to visit the school and offered to have the school pay for my hotel room. SCORE! That's $79.00 that I can save for tuition.

The one question that I didn't really like the answer to was in regards to my plan to possibly delay a year. I asked her what my chances of getting in next year would be if I didn't matriculate this fall and she said that next year they are decreasing their entering class size significantly so admissions would be tougher. If I had a good excuse for why I was delaying they would work with me.