LSAT Take Two

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Now that I've decided to retake my LSAT I have to start studying for it. The previous link came up on a search for "2007 June LSAT." It is a good example of the type of mental manipulation that the LSAT asks you to do sometimes. I immediately started doing a PowerScore diagram in my head. Maybe I'll sit down and actually solve it a little bit later.

The LSAT retake decision was a hard one. It means that I will have wasted all of my application money this year. I guess the preparation won't hurt me either way. If pigs fly I do get into my dream schools this cycle (unlikely given the rejections have already started) I won't have wasted that much, just time that would have otherwise been spent wallowing in the waiting process. Plus, with the new changes to the LSAT starting in June 2007, perhaps I have a better chance of scoring higher as all of the high powered/expensive test prep programs will be starting afresh in making preperation materials for the new comparitive reading questions.

So wish me luck! I am now completing my Intro to Justice, Latin I, and Russian Studies Thesis courses, as well as preparing for the LSAT (AGAIN!!!) in my copious spare time. Hmm...I was supposed to be spending this year taking good care of hubby so he doesn't feel neglected for the next three years of law school.

Who knows, I may yet be in the class of 2010. It still sounds cool. If not, "11" is a prime number and goes better with my number set so far "1" for high-school and "7" for college. All prime numbers. The engineer in me relishes the thought. Feeling better about delaying a year already.