So, in my effort to have a better chance at law school next year, I am slogging my way through preparing for the LSAT again. Today I took the Princeton Review's online timed LSAT. It's free and keeps me honest on the time. The news...157, three points lower than my real-live LSAT score of 160 in December. Hmm...already forgetting how to approach these questions. The main thing I noticed is that like the real LSAT, I simply ran out of time. There were 6 questions that I didn't even get to. I think that timing and practice are going to be the keys to improving my score this time around. In case your interested in the pain that is LSAT preperation, you can take the same free test by: logging into www.PrincetonReview.com. Click on the "Student Tools" link in the upper right hand corner. On the next screen, enter your username (email) and password in the sign in screen and then click "Sign In". On the following screen, select "Demo of Princeton Review Online for the LSAT". Now you're all set to start your online demo! Note that once you are signed in, you only need to click on the "Student Tools" link on the upper right corner to access your course links.