I'm a J... now

I have a love hate relationship with my mailman. Yesterday he brought me two packages, good mailman. I love packages. But, last week he brought me rejection, bad mailman. Last night I received scholarship money and a nice shiny brochure, good mail man. I wonder which mail man I will get today? As if he has any control over whether law schools clear across the country love me. That I have this much emotion tied up in a person that I only meet when I'm playing hooky from work and happen to be home in the afternoon when a package needs delivered says something.

UPDATE: Mailman brought me nothing yesterday, not even a Victoria Secret catalog. I usually get at least 2 of those a week.

In other news, the University has finally changed my name from my maiden name to my married name in all of their systems. I'm officially a J... now. For your reference, I was married in 2004 and started the paperwork to do the change fall semester 2004. *sigh* There has been much drama between me and the human resources/registrar employees over this issue. Especially as I will be getting my diploma in May and there is no way I will accept it with the wrong name on it after they've had this long to fix the problem! Now if only I could get Blockbuster and Safeway to change it too. I'm getting tired of Safeway clerks saying, Mrs J..., say hi to Miss B... when you get a chance. They think I stole her card to get $0.25 off on my hot pockets or something.