Another Reason to Love Google

The only reason that I still use Outlook (until today) was that it allowed me to check all of my e-mail accounts from one source. I could check school, work, private x 3, etc. and then I could neatly drag and drop things into folders. Lately this has become quite bothersome as all of my e-mails, except one could be forwarded to my gmail account and organized with tags, grouped by conversation, and made easily searchable. Now Google announces in it's new features that:

Just launched!
Get mail from other accountsNow Gmail can check for the mail you receive at your other email accounts. You can retrieve your mail (new and old) from up to five other email accounts and have them all in Gmail. Then you can even create a
customized 'From:' address, which lets you send messages from Gmail, but have them look like they were sent from another one of your email accounts. Please note that you can only retrieve mail from accounts that have POP3 access enabled. Learn more

Yay, I can now stop checking mail in Outlook. The only reason to do that would be to have my e-mail accessible while I'm offline, aka on a plane. It is nice to be able to catch up on old e-mails and send 15-20 in one fell-swoop when I land. But I'll gladly give this up to have all my e-mail in one easy to use place. Thank you Google, I love you even more.