I'm getting old

Went to the eye-doctor yesterday. I've been taking a pistol marksmanship class and have been having trouble with my eyes switching which one of them is in control. Apparently I am right eye dominant, but left eye strong so my brain doesn't know whether to use my dominant eye or my better eye and it gets confused. That is apparently why I've been having headaches after class. So I went to the eye doctor. In addition to this whole dominant vs. stronger thing I have slight astigmatism and am getting nearsighted. Based on the change in my eyes over the last two years my eyes are changing at a time when they are supposed to be stable. Dr. says that is because of school, studying with poor light, and straining my eyes from too much near work. He showed me what my eyes could see now and then put on the amount of power that I should have with corrective lenses, and poof I could see the blur turn to letters (albeit they were 10 ft. away, and when do I ever need to see that much detail). Scary as I've never thought I needed glasses.

The Dr. says that with planning on going to go to law school and a lot more "near work" aka studying in my future, he would strongly recommend wearing glasses during high eye-strain situations. Dark driving, large presentation rooms, shooting, or any other time when I need to "see like a hawk."

The good news is that I'm now justified in spending more than $6.00 on sunglasses. Bad news is
that I hate the way most glasses look on my face. When I finally found a pair that look good on my face, they turned out to be pink frames. Hubby and Dr. swear they are purple, but they are still WAY too girly for me. So this weekend I'll be driving around town going glasses shopping.

PS Those are the frames, see they're PINK!