After making a complete and thorough survey of all available eyeglass frames within a 600 mile radius (not hard to do in Alaska) I finally decided on the first pair of frames that I found at my optometrist. Talk about a waste of time. I went to like 8 stores and ultimately ended up where I started. However, I am now assured that the $430.00 I spent was not wasted and that there were in fact no better options out there.

They are apparently not pink, but berry in color. While anyone who knows me will tell you that my favorite color is unabashedly blue and that for awhile I had to make a conscious effort to buy clothes in any other color, apparently the color blue, no matter what shape it comes in, does not look good on my face. I am sad. So berry it is. In 7-10 days my frames will be returned to me with lenses inserted. Yes, I am in fact getting old.