Why Didn't a Law Firm Think of This?

On one hand you have Google who's Buses Help Its Workers Beat the Rush - New York Times. This helps save the environment, shorten commute times and destress workers. On the other hand you have Facebook, the social networking site, who instead of making it easier for employees to live far from work makes it easier for them to live nearby by offering a $600 monthly housing subsidy for those who live within a mile of the company’s Palo Alto headquarters. Apparently this incentive is enough that it's actually driving rent prices near Facebook headquarters up as workers try to live nearby. Perhaps the company was thinking they were helping to save the environment by encouraging employees to walk to work.

Now why didn't a law firm think of this? They can say they are caring about the environment when really what they are thinking is that having all of your employees live nearby will make them more available to you/clients. Of course if a law firm did this it would have to pay more per month than $600.00.