Law School Reading

Starting to study for my Mass Media Law final. I am now more than familiar with the first amendment, prior restraint, libel, invasion of privacy, the freedom of information act, protection of news sources, copyright, and the regulation of obscene and other erotic material. Keeping it all straight though is proving to be another matter. Between now and the 17th I need to finish 382 pages of reading, at least 36 of which I need to finish tonight. *sigh* I guess this is good preparation for law school reading. I am finding it difficult to focus though. I end up glazing over and rereading paragraphs over and over without really absorbing things. Yesterday I was halfway through my reading when I startled back awake. It had been 20 minutes. As an undergraduate I didn't really read my textbooks cover-to-cover. I went to lectures, took notes, read the portions of the textbook relevant to the homework and copied a running list of equations onto my exam cheat sheet. For my non-engineering classes I pretty much hunted through the books, reading the parts rel event to the homework. The only thorough reading I did was in language classes or Russian literature classes. This whole law school studying is going to be tough. I'm going to have to learn a whole new way of studying. Does anybody have any suggestions for upping my reading retention or how to get more out of it?