Do Magazines Count?

I complained a couple of days back about Americans not reading enough. If I don't count anything other than traditionally bound books I still read about a book a month or more, but if you add in magazines its probably far higher. Lately though, hubby has been eyeing my ever-growing periodicals stack with suspicion, and I don’t blame him. How did someone whose life so fully revolves around the Web end up with so many subscriptions to print magazines? Well, I guess the real answer is I am only paying for two of them (the rest were free from airline miles or surveys I took) and I can't turn down free stuff. The other thing being that until recently I wouldn't cut pages out of magazines, instead saving the entire glossy for a one page article I liked. Kind of falls in line with my phobia of highlighting in textbooks.

That said, he has a point. I realized that having an entire 3 cubic feet of magazines in my living room is a bit much. Then I discovered during our garage sale that he had sneakily ferreted an entire book box worth of these glossies out to the garage and was hoping to ditch them before I noticed. I am now going through and finally cutting out pages of exercises that I want to add to my workout binder and clipping recipes and cute clothes. As a result I feel productive having gone through quite a lot of junk, wasteful at the amount of trees that met their death on the way to my PO Box, out of shape thanks to all of the great workouts I could be but am not doing and hungry as a result of all of the aforementioned recipes I've clipped. Little by little I'm getting rid of reams of glossy paper and I solemnly vow that I will only subscribe to magazines that I would pay for had they not been free.