10 Till Dinner (4)

Turkey burgers cooked on a George Forman with melted cheddar cheese, tomato fresh out of the garden and fresh picked lettuce. Total cooking time, including preheating George Foreman is about 10 minutes. Add to that some store-bought potato salad, some baked beans that you cook in the microwave and between two people you can easily do barbecue in under 10 minutes.

Of course, in my household no meal is complete without something sweet. I am usually content with a large mug of tea and an ounce of dark chocolate. I justify the measly 60 calories easily by telling myself about all of the anti-oxidant goodness that I'll be getting out of it. I can even justify this time wise as making tea takes no time at all and I know that I'll need both tea and chocolate in law school for comfort and caffeine sanity.

But every once in awhile I get in a baking mood. My latest one resulted in not just one, but two cakes, one chocolate and one white, both with dark chocolate frosting. One was consumed at our post garage sale barbecue by hubby's guy friends on Sunday and the other is stored safely in my freezer awaiting a suitable social occasion to instantly have impressive looking dessert. With a ready to go dessert of perfectly moist wonderful white cake topped with homemade dark fudge frosting, why do I suddenly feel the cream cheese in my fridge calling to me saying, "You have all the ingredients for chocolate-crusted, ganache-coated cheesecake with cubes of brownies inside. It was so good last time you made it and even though you swore you wouldn't make it again until hubby's birthday, as it is just too caloricially sinful, there will be lots of other people around to help you eat it, so you don't have to feel bad."? *sigh* I won't have time for this type of cooking law school, so I better take advantage of time while I have it.