Your Skin Isn't the Only Thing That Needs Sun Protection

I mentioned back in February that my eyes need a baby prescription, mostly when I'm in large lecture halls, movie theaters, or while driving. I'm perfectly OK without glasses, but if I want crystal clear perfect vision I could probably use a little help. My eyes are like the difference between antenna and cable, perfectly viewable vs. crystal clear. Only those who've had cable would know the difference. This past Friday marked the end of the fiscal year at my work. This meant, not only that there was a lot of scrambling around to spend all of the money that would go away at the end of the year, but that I also needed to wipe out the remainder of my Flexible Spending Account. Basically an FSA is an amount of money deducted, pre-tax, from your paycheck that you can then spend on medical or childcare expenses. I had $500.00 put into it so that I could pay my deductible tax free. Thankfully I required almost no hospital or medical visits this year so I didn't meet my deductible. I didn't even have to see the Dr. to get my annual allergy prescription and was able to make due with Claritin-D. Unfortunately 5 boxes of Claritin D only amounts to $45.00, so I was about to lose the remainder of the funds that I had set aside. Use it or lose it. Then I thought to myself, hmm... if I'm going to be somewhere warmer possibly, I'll need a pair of sunglasses to wear while driving. So I went out and bought prescription sunglasses. Boom, there went the remainder of the FSA money and I'll have nice new Coach sunglasses with RX in them to try and not lose. Must not lose, way too expensive to replace, especially as I will not have a lovely FSA account next year if I'm in school. Hmm...I'm still typing "if" and I'm still saying "if." I really mean "when," but switching to saying "when" is scary. It's so decisive.