I waiver on the issue of anonymity. For awhile there, I seriously thought that I should just come out, post photos of myself (for family to check out), use my real name and list my location and school. I am now swinging back the other direction in the pendulum. If people have been reading my blog they can probably guess where I'm going, in fact I pretty much know myself, but I don't want to make it easy for folks either. Just so you all aren't 100% sure, I do still have 4 offers on the table and 2 more that I've officially rejected.

I guess I don't have David's guts. I got into blawgs by first reading Suasponte. While it wasn't too hard to figure out ultimately that she attended the University of Chicago by her restaurant choices and other hints, she did make it so that people who don't personally know her won't be able to just google her and find her blog. That is kind of the level I'm shooting for. I don't mind if folks who know me know that this is my blawg. I'm not intending to pull a Jeremy Blachman, but I won't be swinging the other direction and posting photos up the kazoo of other people without their permission. I don't want others voyeuristically using this blog like an extension of facebook. To that end those of you using bloglines might be confused as to why a couple of my old posts have reappeared. They have been redacted...for now.