3 Rainbows

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. After work we took our bikes and rode to the botanical gardens, something we've been meaning to visit ever since we were dating. We then rode to the sports store and bought a tent. Phase 3 of our transformation of me into an outdoorsy person is a two day one night backpacking and camping trip. Phase 1 (canoeing) and Phase 2 (day hiking) went pretty well, so we'll hope for the best. I have surprised myself by enjoying all of our outdoorsy time together so far. A day and night away with no facilities hopefully won't strain things too much. After the tent buying we rode home, cleaned up and went out to dinner. I ordered the same food as we had served at our rehearsal dinner and we talked as we watched the river flow by. All in all it wasn't a night on the town champagne and roses kind of anniversary, but it was very us and very good. We saw saw one rainbow on our bike ride, one in the garden and another on the drive home from dinner. Three rainbows for our third anniversary, a very good sign.