Blog Rained Out

It has rained over 4 inches this month and its only half-way through. As a result I have been rained out of my running routine and my couch to 5k plan is now stuck on week 3. In the meantime I have been inspired to do something about the 1970s wood panelling that covers most of the walls in my house. So far I have filled the cracks with Spackle in the living room and done a coat of primer. Today will be the 2nd coat of primer and tomorrow will be paint. Hopefully that will give me enough time to put the room back together on Sunday before hubby gets home at 1am Monday morning. I wanted to do something nice by working on the house while he was gone. I definitely don't want him coming home to a trashed house. Right now all of the other rooms in the house are full of furniture and books from the living room. The only room that is livable is the bedroom, although the cats no longer have any other furniture to lounge on so my bedroom sheets definitely need to go through the wash before Sunday to get the cat hair off. Even the bathroom is torn apart. As I was walking through Lowes waiting for my paint to be mixed I spotted a great brushed pewter bathroom fixture. The very last one of its kind. It being the floor model it was marked down from $60.00 to $8.72. Great I thought, cheap upgrade to the nasty gold and weird warbled glass thing currently sitting above my mirror. 10 trips for different sized screws, parts and pieces and an equal number of different wiring configurations and the fixture still isn't up. If I wire it so that the light comes on it isn't switched. If I wire it so that it is on the switch it blows the fuse when I switch it on. And if I try other combinations either the fan no longer works or the outlet doesn't work. Brother-in-law is coming over tonight to take a look. *sigh* You'd think an electrical engineer could wire up a simple bath fixture. Instead I'll stick to paint. Hopefully the rain will clear out this weekend and I'll be able to mow my foot tall lawn and weed the garden which are both growing like mad with all of the rain. Better get the house in order first. So much to do and I'm studying for Ethics and Justice and Mass Media Law and Regulation on top of it! Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. Return of regular blogging once house is usable and I've reconnected my cable Internet. Blogging from work is always a bad idea.