Portion Distortion

Some people claim that cooking for two (or more) people makes them healthier because it makes them actually cook as opposed to warming up pre-made food or eating out. I guess that is true sometimes. Lately I've found that the opposite is true. With hubby gone off to be a Lieutenant for awhile, I have been eating far smaller portions of our same normally healthy fare. Instead of cooking dinner and scooping half onto his plate and half onto mine, I am serving what I want and packaging the rest up for healthy lunches and sometimes dinner the next day as well. I guess I was eating enough to keep a 6'2" man healthy and being a 5'6" woman, that was too much for my body. With only making this minor portion size change and keeping my equivalent daily steps above 10k a day I've lost 10 lbs since he's been gone! I haven't been depriving myself at all. I guess I am cutting out some things. For instance the only reason why we have carbs at every meal (rice, pasta, or potatos) is because he adds them to every meal's plan. The type of foods I've been eating has changed slightly. Last night instead of having a steak and baked potato, I still had the steak, but added a big bowl of broccoli on the side instead. I still felt full at the end, but I was eating more South Beach and less Outback. I must remember this for when he gets back. The running might be helping too. It makes it easier to hit my daily step count on days when I run. My 20 minute runs easily add 4k steps. Now if only I didn't have another 20 lbs to lose.