Mind Over Mattress

One aspect of going to law school that I'm dreading is the fact that at some point or another I'm going to have to become a better person at time management. I am a night owl through and through. During my undergraduate years a 9:15am class was considered ungodly early and I switched out of Calculus III to correspondence half-way through the semester in order to save my grade after having missed most of the 8am classes. Having a job which I have to attend every day at 8 am is ok once I get into a routine, but try getting me up any earlier than 7:45am and you'll have trouble on your hands. Getting up at 7:45 gives me enough time to put on my laid out clothes, do hair and face and drive to work squeaking into my cube on the dot. I live a mere 5 minutes away by car. No amount of good thoughts the night before has ever been able to get me up in time to be a morning exerciser, breakfast eater, or fancy make-up wearer. I know that I'll need to be more disciplined in law school and it's something I dread. I currently use a combination of my alarm clock with its two alarms, my husbands alarm clock, my travel alarm clock and my cell phone set to ring in the other room and yet I still got to work at 5 minutes past today. Hubby on the other hand wakes at 7, eats a healthy breakfast, watches the news and then rides his bike to work quite faithfully. *sigh* It's only an extra 45 minutes a day, boy wouldn't it make a big difference if I could do that.

I saw this gadget on Popgadget today and thought, "Aha, I need one of those." Designers Sofie Collin and Gustav Lanber have developed The Carpet Alarm Clock, which only goes off when you get up and put both feet on it, but I would still probably find a way to flop back onto my pillow after deactivating the latest alarm in my armada. Must be more disciplined, must enlist hubby's help. Unfortunately every time he tries to wake me he ends up messing up his routine and being late as well as getting snapped at by me. *sigh* I think the first step must be going to bed when I am tired not when we are tired. I always read a book at night before bed and that means that I am usually asleep 45 minutes after we head to bed and thus 45 minutes after he is asleep. Maybe that is where my mystical 45 minutes can come from. Either I head to bed 45 minutes earlier and start reading (aka shutting off my brain from the day) or I cut out reading. Tough choice...