Hitting the Open Road in a Semi?

Moving costs an arm and a leg, especially from Alaska. Gone are the days when Hubby could fit everything he owned into his 1991 Dodge Spirit and hit the open road. We have accumulated, first through gifts (people feeling sorry for us then the wedding), then inheritance (a whole house worth), now actual purchasing (two incomes, no kids) a 3 bedroom house full of stuff. Albeit there are just the two of us so we are using bedrooms two and three as an office and workout rooms respectively. Our dining room is also empty save for a china cabinet full of misc. things that I don't want to dust. We could probably pair down a bit. But, since I wasn't expecting to move this year I have recently acquired some real furniture. Not the typical mismatched Salvation Army stuff, but a real sofa and chairs. *sigh*

This little rant is in response to recent realizations I've made. In trying to make the best decision possible about this move I've been investigating movers, car transportation, how to move cats. It's all quite overwhelming. Probably around 10k just to move our stuff, almost worth ditching it all for cash and re-buying. Then we have to move the car, that's either a 5 day drive or a couple of thousand. We also have two cats, one of whom is very old and will definitely have to move by plane. Does anybody out there have good suggestions for cheap cross country moving? Already checked, PODS does not service my zip-code, not surprising. A road trip in a big ass Uhaul doesn't sound appealing, especially with gas prices today.