I received a call from the Dean of admissions at one of the schools I applied to. They are calling everybody off of the wait list to see whether they are still in a position to accept an offer before they send the wait list back to the admissions committee. She wanted to know why I wanted to apply there and basically if I was still interested. I told her my reasons for wanting to attend, family in the area, I like the school and had a good visit and she said that actually she has the authority to make a limited number of offers directly and that she would like to go ahead and offer me admission! I was floored that I basically talked my way off of the wait list. Wow! This changes things a bit.

On top of this Hubby came home yesterday and over dinner he broke the news that the Army has moved up his deployment date. We have been planning on Fy'09 which begins October 2008, now it's looking like Fy'08 which is like 3 months from now! To say the least I was upset. I went through the range of emotions really quickly and ended up crying myself to sleep for the first time in years. Poor Hubby, there is nothing that he can do about it, he's locked in until at least 2010 whether we like it or not. I definitely wasn't ready for this. But if he's going this October, school is looking like a very good option. 1L will certainly keep me busy rather than bored and feeling sorry for myself. Instead of taking the LSAT this October I might be hanging a blue star in my window.