Snow in D.C. in April!

See hubby, it does snow in D.C.! We'll be right at home there. Strange, it's 60F outside and melting like crazy here in Alaska. Our yard will be melted in another week or two and yet its snowing on the East Coast. Hope it melts before I get to D.C. for my visit. I've always wanted to see the cherry trees in blossom and all of my summer internships have begun in early June after the blooms were finished.
In other news, George Mason heard I was coming down and has scheduled my visit. A tour, admissions staff meeting, and I get to sit in on a class! They are so nice. Every other school I've visited has barely given me a tour although several of them have given me nice long meetings with the admissions staffs. They were bored as it was Spring Break for our visits. This will be my first law school class. I'm so excited!
Legally Blonde is on cable today. We realized that now that we aren't full-time students we don't have to worry about cable killing all of our study time and signed up. This will be short lived, cable will go before law school starts. That or I'm going to need an office.