DC Trip Day 1

My airplane reading material. Not sleeping on planes is a pain, but in the time it takes to get from Fairbanks, Alaska to Washington, D.C. you can read the book front to back. It takes exactly that long. I was finishing the last page on final approach.

I remember you DC. I remember metro, reading express in the mornings and walking everywhere. It is no wonder that I always lose weight during my summers as a DC intern. I range about 20 lbs from my winter high weight to my summer low. The summer sunshine reenergizes me and inspires me to be more active. Being a DC intern makes me walk everywhere because I'm too cheap to take cabs or metro. And last year working for the FBI kept me inspired by all of the agents and a free gym in the basement.

Unfortunately the snow earlier this month knocked the cherry blossoms off of the trees early, so I still have yet to see them. I did get to see all of the monuments and the mall on the taxi ride from the airport which was nice. I'm staying with a friend up above U-street in a cozy little condo. Walking to GWU and around GULC and GMU kept me active today. I reaquainted myself with alot of the places I used to walk by everyday, including my apartment from summer 2006 and best of all Jamba Juice. Yummo! I love their rasberry smoothies.

This afternoon I realized that I did not pack a belt to go with my suit so I made my annual spring trek to the Pentagon City mall. This further inspired me to get active for summer as nothing fit! Very depressing. However, when I talked to hubby this evening I was pleased to hear that he needed to make the call quick because he was heading out the door for a run. It will be easier to be active if we're in this together rather than me going it alone. Now that we have bikes we can do more together than just watch DVDs and hang out around the house.

I'll post my law school visit info in a little bit as my laptop battery is almost dead. Pictures coming soon too. Tomorrow is policy orientation and then congressional visits. Now, where is the nearest H&M.