Rejected Again at American University

Anyone who has read my blog from the beginning, probably nobody, but oh well, knows that I've already been rejected from American University once. Why then did they find it necessary to send me another letter telling me that they had way to many qualified candidates and reject me all over again. I already felt bad enough the first time around! I guess its because I checked the box which said I was interested in a dual-degree with a masters in international something or other. The rejection was apparently for that as well. No need, I obviously was rejected from the dual-degree program when I was rejected from the JD program, but thanks for clearing that up. *sigh* DC is less and less likely. I have high hopes for George Mason though. I wish I'd known this school was in DC sooner so I would have applied with all of my other apps. It didn't come up on the ABA page as DC as it is technically in VA. *sigh* We'll see if they'll take a late application. Apparently they have a decent IP program and a new campus so I'd definitely go if I got in. DC, T1, IP program, and in-state tuition after a year. Why did I not know this sooner?!?