George Mason Law School

I use Google Analytics to track how many visitors I get and where they are from. It doesn't give as much detail as Site Meter which tracks individual users via their IP addresses. I really don't need to know that much about my readers so I've pretty much abandoned Site Meter, especially now that I've forgotten my password for Site Meter and can't be bothered to reset it. I use Google Analytics just to see if anybody is out there. It gives me a map of this week's visitors marked as pushpins on the world. And what did I find? I've apparently got a reader in Alexandria, VA! Cool, awesome.

If you know anybody at George Mason you can tell them that I am awesome and that I'd love to go their school. I didn't apply earlier because the silly LSAC webpage didn't return George Mason when I searched for DC area schools. Yeah, yeah, I know it's in Virginia, but you would think LSAC would know that it was close enough to count. The more I find out about their school the more I want to go there. New building, not insanely liberal, great IP program and job placement rate and they are willing to change to make things better for their students as evidenced by their astonding changes in the USNWR ratings. Plus, they are accessible by metro. Plus, they are so nice to contact via e-mail and they were the only ones to offer to let me sit in on a class. Oh, and if any George Mason admissions staff read this, I'm probably the only Alaskan who hasn't received a decision yet, so just send the acceptance letter to zip code 99709. I'll be there to visit on April 30th.