Salt Lake City Photos

The Beehive House
International Headquarters of LDS Church - Very intimidating building
One of a whole row of cool houses on the hill leading up to the Capitol. This one looks like a haunted house.
Interesting building facing the Capitol with strange buffalo sculptures out front.
Utah State Capitol
Engineers, we like our toys. Yes, it was a sunny day so the other photo is of me squinting, and the angle those tripods created was just lovely on my hips. *sigh*
It's called the Beehive state, not sure why, but there are beehives everywhere. This one is on the Capitol steps. The Utah mountains remind me of the ones in Chile, not nearly as high as Alaska, but still beautiful.
Inside the Capitol looking down at the statue to Science & Technology. I guess the original Capitol burned down so they tried to make this one look old, but its way too squeaky clean to look old.
The Temple on Temple Square. It looks fabulous at night, but is way harder to photograph.
Home sweet home.

I used some of my spare time while hubby was gone to get caught up on organizing my pictures. All pictures taken on my Nokia N95 cell phone.