Have a Cup of Tea

Take a moment this Friday and have a cup of tea. It revives you. This tea set is so gorgeous I would almost be afraid to use it. I would love to add it to my collection though. I'll just have to meet a member of the Royal Bavarian family and see if they have a spare.

Manufacturer: Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg
Designer: Dominikus Auliczek
Location: Germany
Design Year: 1795
Color: Robin's egg blue with white detail
Material: Handmade porcelain
Price: $1598 for tea pot, $519 for tea cup

The Product
For more than 250 years the Porzellan Manufackur Nymphenburg has held its prestigious position as of one of the world’s finest producers of porcelain. Originally made in 1795, the Pearl Symphony tea service is an exceptional example of neo-classical design, and marks the first time in European history that a tea service was designed with twelve sides rather than the traditional rounded shape. Pearl-like flourishes adorn the pale blue set and each piece of which is amazingly light-weight and handmade exactly the same way it was over 200 years ago.

The Designer
Bohemian sculptor Dominikus Auliczek served as Modellmeiser at the Porzellan Manufackur Nymphenburg from 1763 through 1797, and stayed on as artistic director until 1804. He brought a neo-classical influence to the company, and many of his designs are still manufactured by the company today. He created over 100 animals and hunt scenes, but is best known for creating the dodecagon Pearl Symphony service, which is now the unofficial service of the Royal Bavarian Family.